You Are What You Breathe


You can’t see it, but it’s here. Across London, levels of harmful pollutants regularly exceed UK and EU Air Quality Standards with high levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and particulate matter (PM10). Take a look at the quantity of air you breathe everyday –  all 11,000 litres of it. How much of it is up to standard? And where are you exposed to the most harmful air pollutants in London?

HASSELL, Arup and Art + Believe have partnered to help answer some of these questions, with Breathing Space – an installation designed to help people visualise the severity of pollution in the Capital. But whilst exposure to air pollution can seriously affect people’s health, some simple changes to the way we move around the city can have a remarkable and positive impact.

Breathing Space is supported by Hackney Council



HASSELL and Arup, with Art + Believe are taking over a public square in Shoreditch with an interactive installation for London Design Festival 2017. 

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Where and when to find us during London Design Festival 2017 and what's happening at Breathing Space  

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